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It's time to get to know Financial Partners Group and Woodbury Financial. At Financial Partners Group we are dedicated to helping the entreprenurial advisor achieve success in building a premier financial practice. We have an invaluable support system with Woodbury Financial that will take your business to the next level whether you are a veteran entrepreneur or a top performer seeking the empowerment of independence.

Advisors First

Woodbury Financial takes the concept of broker-dealer support to another dimension. Please click on Advisors First to learn more about the extensive services, technology, growth opportunities and resources available to you.

Rick Fergesen

Rick is President and CEO of Woodbury Financial Services. Rick knows that your first impression of your future at Woodbury will be gauged by a successful transition, and does not take that lightly. He is confident that Woodbury has the expertise, experience and resoures to provide you with a positive experience and a long-standing, successful relationship.

Scott Little

Scott is Vice President, Advisor Selection at Woodbury Financial Services. Scott is here to help you take the first step into a seamless transition and a successful career with us.

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L to R Rick Fergesen, Scott Little, Betsy Yeo, Tim Johnston