Financial Planning






Financial Partners Group is pleased to be registered with Woodbury Financial, allowing us the opportunity to offer Financial Planning through the Corporate Registered Investment Advisor (CRIA).

Financial Planning represents a logical approach towards helping clients achieve their life goals. It allows our advisors the ability to understand where the client is currently positioned and what needs to be done to get them in tune with their objectives.

Personal financial planning is a process, not a product. It is the development and implementation of total, coordinated plans for achieving overal financial goals.

All approved vendors include:

  • Advice America
  • ASI Advisor Software
  • BetaVest
  • eMoney Advisor
  • Financial Guidance (Scivantage/Methuselah Software/Financial Compass)
  • Financial Planning Consultants "Plan Builder"
  • Financial Profiles
  • IAS Interactive Advisory Software/Solution 360
  • Kettley Publishing
  • Lumen Systems Financial Planning Professional FPP Software
  • MoneyGuidePro
  • Money Tree
  • Morningstar Advisor Workstation
  • NetExchange Pro's Naviplan
  • Profiles Professional & Profiles Forecaster

To see an overview of MoneyGuidePro please click here.


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