Team Selling






At Financial Partners Group, we believe that Team Selling is the key to taking a successful practice to the next level. Our process is robust but starts with the basics. The first step is recognizing opportunities. Click on the Dangers of Successful Producers an Practices to uncover your opportunities.

Our Team Growth Model shows you a real example of the success a solo practitioner had with team selling.

There are a lot of ideas out there about what team selling is, here is our version of What it is, What it is not.

A few of the questions we ask to our advisors before they form a team include:

  1. Have you clearly defined your target market(s) and do you have a defined plan in place to become preeminent?
  2. Do you have enough Strategic Alliances or Centers of Influence to meet your growth rates?
  3. Do you have enough Tier 1/A+ activity to accelerate your growth rate?

When choosing team members, you want to be sure that they are high achievers. To assess your potential team members and yourself please take our 10 Traits of High Achievers Assessment.

Financial Partners Group works with strategic partners / coaches to enhance our team selling process.

Bob Molluro, Benchmark Consulting

Jay Mooreland, MS, CFP(R), The Emotional Investor