Women's Initiatives







Women FORWARD is Advisor Group's women's initiative to foster an environment of success for female advisors and to provide a wide-range of guidance to all advisors looking to enhance their relationships with female clients. The tagline “Distinct • Diverse • Dynamic” articulates the core element of this initiative.

Please view the video below and visit Advisor Group's website @ Women FORWARD. The picture below is of Women FORWARD's Advisory Council.










                                                   The Changing Face of Financial Services

Financial Partners Group is not only an advocate for fostering a successful environment for female advisors but also educating women in general. We have created an internal initiative called WLink to empower women to educate themselves in every aspect of life, so they can take charge of their futures and look forward with confidence. Women need to be informed and understand how choices and actions they make regarding their health, finances and overall wellness may impact their futures.