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High Performance Team Selling

At Financial Partners Group, we believe that Team Selling is the key to taking a successful practice to the next level. Our process is robust but starts with the basics. The first step is recognizing opportunities. 

A few of the questions we ask to our advisors before they form a team include:

  1. Have you clearly defined your target market(s) and do you have a defined plan in place to become preeminent?
  2. Do you have enough Strategic Alliances or Centers of Influence to meet your growth rates?
  3. Do you have enough Tier 1/A+ activity to accelerate your growth rate?

Succession and Acquisition

Financial Partners Group believes in supporting our advisors from the beginning of their career with us to the end. We want to make sure our advisors feel that their practice is in good hands when they choose to retire. Jamie, Price, President and CEO of Advisor group talks about how we do just that.

“We’re essentially the facilitator in the middle helping them knock down the issues as it relates to finance, structuring, finding the right partner, what do they need to think about, how would they transition a book over, what period of time would they want to do it, etc,” says Jamie Price.

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