Karrie SchlegelDirector of Marketing and Client Services

Karrie Schlegel
Director of Marketing and Client Services

Carmel, IN

Karrie's responsibilities include marketing, communications and business development.  Additionally, she will build and maintain client relationships.  She is deeply committed to assisting the needs of both Timothy A. Johnston and Andrew W. Moulton, as well as their clients.

Karrie brings with her over 20 years of business administration experience where she has served in a variety of roles including Records Clerk for the Army National Guard, Director of a Preschool and Executive Assistant to the CEO of Boy Scouts of America, Crossroads of America Council. Throughout her career she has been known for her relentless pursuit of delivering high quality service and building lasting relationships, whether that be in serving our country, in the classroom or supporting central Indiana's Boy Scout movement. Most recently, Karrie worked to foster a relationship between IMS, Winterland Inc. and Crossroads of America Council to help raise funds to support the in-school and after-school Scouting programs.

Karrie and her husband Rob have two sons.  The oldest is an accomplished sales manager and will be getting married this year. Their youngest followed in his mother’s footsteps and is enlisted in the Army National Guard and continues to explore options for his future career.

Karrie enjoys spending time with family and friends, attending outdoor concerts, and has a passion for helping people create optimal health through her health coaching business.

Karrie is not registered with Woodbury Financial Services.